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Bianca van der Stoel

Nanaimo, BC & Vancouver Island Area| (403) 634-4959 |


Horticulture Therapy Practitioner                                                                           April 2019- Present

Eden Gardens, Kiwanis Village, Nanaimo Seniors Village                                              Nanaimo, BC

  • Assessing, Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating a creative, intentional variety of Horticulture Therapy interventions

  • Collaborating with & communicating observations and evaluation to clinical team

  • Building relationships with Elders, families, management, and corporate leadership

  • Advocating for and educating peers on Horticultural Therapy through in-service presentations, webinars, and informational campaigns 

Education Committee Coordinator                                                                            May 2020-Present

Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association Board 

  • Recruiting committee members and strengthening team vision and cohesiveness

  • Leading national education & advocacy campaign during Horticultural Therapy Week 2021

  • Preparing and facilitating education webinars to CHTA membership and international audience 

  • Relationship building and advocacy with Canadian post-secondary institutions to promote Horticultural Therapy specific educational opportunities 


Horticulture Technician & Horticulture Therapy Certificate                  Jan 2019- Dec 2019 

Vancouver Island University  


Bachelor of Science Recreation- Therapeutic Recreation                      Sept 2014- April 2017 

Dalhousie University 


Therapeutic Recreation – Gerontology Diploma                                   Sept 2012- April 2014 

Lethbridge College 

Why am I equipped to support you well? 
As a Horticulture Therapist and Recreation Therapist, I am skilled at offering individual and group therapy programming with intuitive, person-centered facilitation skills. I see incredible value in offering moments of connection to nature for Elders, utilizing sensory materials that are relatable and engaging to each participant. I am trained to pursue connection with Elders of varying levels of functioning, and I am confident in my redirection and validation techniques. A contract Horticulture Therapy program offers more than outstanding, innovate therapy and wellness. It also includes increased environmental value as we build up the physical environment with plants and natural materials, contributing to the biophilic atmosphere, meaning an environment that satiates the human draw to nature.
Forest Trees
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